The following Grand Functions are photographed professionally to the interest and idea of our valuable customers and to their entire satisfaction.

Solemnization like 
  • Birthday celebrations,
  • Wedding celebrations,
  • Housewarming Ceremony Celebrations,
  • “Kadhu Kuthu”,
  • “Poo Punitha Neeraattu Vizha” and
  • First Holy Communion Celebrations.
      Grand Celebrations like ,Inaugural Ceremony of New Business and All types of School and College Functions.

Specialization in Photography
  • “Action Takes” is executed by Mr. M. Murugan.
  • “Mirror Shots” is carried out by Mrs. Palaniammal Murugan.
  • “Shots in Available Lights” is implemented by Mr. M. M. Chandrda Sekaran.
      As the devices we use are purchased on our own, we execute the customers orders at Affordable and at the lowest cost for the customers.

The devices listed below are rented for the Video at the Lowest cost:
  • LCD TV sets
  • LED TV sets
  • Projectors
  • Video Mixing Devices
  • Cranes with zimezip 
The devices listed below are rented for the Photo at the Lowest cost:
  • Normal Coffee Table Album (Small Size)
  • Normal Digital Album
  • 12x8
  • 12x12
  • 10x15
  • 12x15
  • 12x18
  • Non – Tearble Album
  • Velvet Touch (OR) Feather Touch – Non Tearble Album
  • Metallic – Non Tearble Album
  • Premium Metallic Tearble Album
  • Embossing Album


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